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Meet Griffyn Stahlmann, the Stahlmann's first child


It all started back when my family lived in New Jersey. When we lived in NY, I used to be in a school full of special needs kids just like me. I loved it there. All the teachers were very nice to me, and I would always play with toys and board games with everybody at my school. But everything changed when we moved and I had to go to public school in NJ. It was a horrendous four months of being there! The teachers were very misunderstanding of me and made me do things that make me very uncomfortable or unstable. I literally ran out of the classroom because I want to get out of there so badly. I locked myself in the bathroom and flipped desks over and knocked things onto the floor trying to make everyone understand how bad it was for me.

My mom saw the trouble I was having and began to homeschool me. And instantly, life was great again. Being autistic is never all fun and games. To other people, it just comes off as weird. It makes them uncomfortable, and they will dismiss us as too hyper and crazy. But, in reality, I feel like it’s autism as a spectrum that makes people who have it be themselves in their own unique way. They see themselves from a different point of view, and it makes them super special.

I’m now 21, and I work full time, thanks to Vocational Rehab and Easter Seals. I work for an assisted living community doing maintenance and grounds keeping, and I love it. I ride my bike to the bus and get myself to and from work everyday. I work hard, but the payoff is great.

I’m passionate about movies, and I have my own YouTube channel where I review movies, TV shows, and video games. You can subscribe to my channel G.S. Productions or follow me on Instagram @gs_productions. I’m also active in Special Olympics and the Sarasota Opera. For years I sang with the youth opera and performed in many different youth operas and professional operas. Now that I’m graduated and working full time, I volunteer as a supernumerary in many of the professional operas. A supernumerary is a non-singing, acting role (kind of like an extra on a movie set). My hope is to continue growing my YouTube channel and working hard to save money from my job to one day buy my own house.

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