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Meet Rhema Joy Stahlmann, the Stahlmann's seventh child


Rhema Joy was prophesied in January 2010, six years and seven months before she was born. Jenni was praying one morning, and God spoke to her and said she would have two more babies (they had five children at the time), but God only gave her one name, Rhema Joy. In December 2010, they had a miscarriage that broke everyone’s heart in the Stahlmann Clan. But the following spring brought happiness again with news of a new pregnancy, and in January 2012, the family welcomed Matty Jay.

When Matty was about a year old, Jenni and Jody were praying with a close friend who confirmed the prophecy, saying Jenni would have another baby. But at that point, things had changed. The Stahlmann family was growing, and the older kids were becoming more and more independent. Jenni and Jody had just started a weekly radio show and a weekly newspaper column, and they had begun traveling and speaking. Another baby seemed overwhelming. Jenni had started settling into the idea that perhaps the miscarriage was that second baby, and their family could be complete with Matty Jay.

On the way home from the prayer session, Jenni was praying in the car (okay, maybe it was more like arguing with God). She told God she was ready to move on to a new phase in life and another baby didn’t seem to fit her plan. God rebuked her so sternly that the fear of the Lord struck through her body. He said, “Which one of your children would you give back?”

The very thought caused her to go pale. “None, Lord!”

“You already love this baby that much. You just don’t know her yet.” Then the Lord said, “The fruit of the womb is a reward. Do not rebuke my reward.” Jenni burst into tears and repented immediately, thanking God for her children and praising Him for His goodness.

Over the next two years, Jenni suffered two more miscarriages. She had started to wonder if her body could even carry a pregnancy successfully. But in August 2016, they welcomed Rhema Joy! And God was right (of course). We ADORE her!!

Rhema is a firecracker, full of energy and joy (just like her name) and brimming with words. She loves to talk, and she loves people and babies and music and dancing. She has filled their lives with so much joy, and they are deeply grateful for her. She and Ari (Jody’s grandaughter) are besties, and Jenni and Jody are deeply grateful that they get to homeschool another round of girls all over again!

Rhema may be the littlest Stahlmann, but her personality is gigantic! We are certain that God has big plans for this little girl.