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Meet Sky Stahlmann, the Stahlmann's second child


Growing up, I was always an odd kid with a creative inclination. I was actually in school for the first brief moments of my early education. I often had trouble paying attention, and my creative tendencies started to fade. My mother noticed this and decided to homeschool me. Because of this, I was able to excel and grow as a student by finding my learning style and really diving into my creative ideas. Homeschooling gave me the flexibility to not only study and learn at my own pace and schedule, but to excel in the arts. I was able to spend most of my time on the stage between opera, musical theatre, and local gigs with my high school rock opera band.

Today, I am about to enter my final year at Berklee College of Music pursuing a degree in Music Business, Songwriting and Contemporary Writing and Production. I not only write and create in my own style that I call Popera, but I own a music tech company called Harmonet that allows musicians to connect and expand their local resources. In early 2019, I released my first solo EP called I Can’t Say, which is available on all music platforms, and after graduation, I will simultaneously pursue my own music career while helping fellow musicians to build theirs through Harmonet. I would not be here if I wasn’t homeschooled, as I truly believe it was the only way I could fully grow and become the person I am today.

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