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Meet Eden Stahlmann, the Stahlmann's fifth child


I love being homeschooled because first of all, I only have co-op classes twice a week, so I have a lot of time to work at my own pace. Also, being homeschooled gives me time to do extracurricular activities and develop my interests. I also realize that because I’m homeschooled, I get to learn with other believers and make friends with people who have a connection to God, and I have less chance of being bullied.

This year I am going into eighth grade and taking high school classes at our local co-op. I have been in the Sarasota Youth Opera for five years. Last year, I had my first lead role as the title character in the youth opera The Little Sweep. This fall I am playing another lead role in the opera Brundibar. Although I love music and singing, I am passionate about organizing! I love art and sewing, drawing, and calligraphy. I’m looking forward to taking art classes and a sewing class this year, and at this point, I hope to one day study retail merchandising.