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The Goals Of The Elementary Years

2020-08-23 21:29:19/Jenni & Jody

We’re all about homeschooling with the end result in mind, but we also realize that there are different end results (goals, if you will) at different stages and seasons in our kids’ young lives. In this episode we’re looking at the elementary years and talking specifically about the goals of these years.

In this episode we’ll break down what we believe are the main objectives of this season of homeschooling. In the elementary years, we believe our main goals are to

  1. Build a foundation of learning tools
  2. Cultivate a love of learning
  3. Discover their interests and talents
  4. Cultivate independence

“If they don’t discover their interests and talents at a young age, what you find is they don’t even know themselves. They have a hard time developing identity. There’s no self-awareness. They have no idea who they are, and they feel lost in the world.”

J & J

As we pursue these goals there are some things we need to cover on a daily basis.

  • The Elementary Daily Do’s (see below)
  • Worldview
  • Character
  • Exploration of interests and talents
  • Conversation (we’ll talk about the truths we need to communicate in this season)
  • Unit Studies
  • Life Skills (Goal of independence)

Every child and every family is different, but for most elementary-aged children, there are some topics that we need to work on daily. We call these the Daily Do’s.

  1. Bible/Worldview
  2. Reading
    1. Out loud
    2. Decoding words
    3. Fluency practice
  3. Writing
    1. Handwriting
    2. Copywork
    3. Spelling
  4. Math
    1. Basics
    2. Drills
    3. Games

Truth is nourishment for the soul, and from birth until the start of adolescence, there are some truths our children need in order to thrive at a soul-level. We believe the following five truths are critical nourishment for the soul of our elementary-aged kids, and our time homeschooling is a great opportunity to communicate these truths.

  1. You are worthy of love and connection, and so is every person you meet
  2. You are not an extension of us (your parents)
  3. You are an important part of every community that counts you as a member
  4. You have the right to feel safe and protected
  5. You are inherently strong and capable (not weak)

“Our whole message is to homeschool our kids from cradle to calling -- it’s all about their calling. And when our children understand that they have value, they can much more easily accept that they have a purpose..”

J & J

In today’s podcast episode, we are going deeply into these topics and more. We also offer a bunch of resources, and we want to make sure that you find these. Here are links to the resources we cover.

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