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The Goals of the High School Years

2020-09-27 02:18:44/Jenni & Jody

The high school years are the launching pad into adulthood. It’s the time for homeschoolers to get serious and create a solid strategy that will help them prepare to be the best possible candidate for their own unique next step. If you have followed the Cradle to Calling way of homeschooling with the end result in mind, then you have already helped your student discover their interests in elementary school. During the middle school years, you helped them develop an interest into a passion, and now, in the high school years, it’s time to create a powerful strategy for adulthood.

“That’s what you do in the elementary years, you let them develop all of these different interests. And then something begins to emerge in the middle school years, and that’s when you make that definitive decision to start pursuing something.”

J & J

HIGH SCHOOL GOALS In today’s episode we are breaking down each of the following goals, explaining what they mean, and offering some suggestions for how to weave these into your homeschool plan.

  1. Define success for themselves
  2. Create a strategy for becoming a successful adult
  3. Become the best candidate for the next step on their path to adulthood
  4. Make, manage, and grow money
  5. Defend their faith


  • Strategy (Make “The Call”)
  • Develop The T
  • Organization/Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Conversation (we’ll talk about the truths to communicate)
  • Life Skills (Mastery)
  • Financial Skills

“You’ve got to know where you’re headed in order to make a plan to get there, and that really means -- for them -- defining what success looks like.”

J & J


  1. You are performing for an audience of One
  2. Your life is a stewardship
  3. You are responsible for the maintenance and betterment of every community that counts you as a member
  4. Society owes you no debts
  5. You cannot control other people
  6. You are responsible for both your successes and your mistakes
  7. Your time in this life is finite

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