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The Goals of the Middle School Years

2020-09-14 03:51:50/Jenni & Jody

The primary work of the middle school years is all about helping our kids develop passion. In this episode, we will talk about what that entails and how to apply it to your homeschool days. We will also talk about the other goals of this season and offer some suggestions for boxes to check off in the middle school years, as well as the key truths that we can intentionally feed their preteen souls.

MIDDLE SCHOOL GOALS In today’s episode we will break down each of the following goals, explain what we mean, and offer some suggestions for how to weave these into your homeschool plan.

  1. Develop passion and a sense of identity
  2. Become responsible and self-governing
  3. Develop strong study skills and begin formal writing education.
  4. Develop a sense of agency
  5. Develop healthy relationships and understand boundaries

“If we’re going to help them to develop passion, we take their interest...and actually do the work of developing passion. Passion is not something you discover. It’s work. You have to develop it. An interest you discover.”

J & J


  • Daily Do’s
  • Character/Constitution
  • Study Skills
  • Conversation (see truths to communicate below)
  • Life Skills (responsibility, self-governance, and agency)
  • Relationship Skills (healthy relationships and boundaries)


  1. Bible/Worldview
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Math

*The middle school years are tricky because they straddle two sets of truths. We covered the first set of truths in the last podcast, and we briefly review them again in this episode. Important TRUTHS for infancy until the start of adolescence

  1. You are worthy of love and connection, and so is every person you meet
  2. You are not an extension of us (your parents)
  3. You are an important part of every community that counts you as a member
  4. You have the right to feel safe and protected
  5. You are inherently strong and capable (not weak)
Then we dive deeply into the the important TRUTHS for adolescence into adulthood:
  1. You are performing for an audience of One
  2. Your life is a stewardship
  3. You are responsible for the maintenance and betterment of every community that counts you as a member
  4. Society owes you no debts
  5. You cannot control other people
  6. You are responsible for both your successes and your mistakes.
  7. Your time in this life is finite

“Our second goal of the middle school years is to help our kids become responsible and self-governing.”

J & J

In today’s podcast episode we discuss a variety of resources, and we want to make sure that you are able to find these. Here are links to the resources we cover.

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