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Homeschooling with a large family and multiple ages

2019-11-24/Jenni & Jody

Every homeschool mom feels at times as if she’s in perpetual motion with constant demands swirling around her, but for moms with large families, who are homeschooling multiple aged children at once, the demands are multiplied. Our guest on today’s podcast actually did the math once. She said that she figured out if there are two siblings then you have one possible sibling combination, but if you have eight siblings (as she does in her family), then you have more than 60 possible combinations.

“You don't want your kid's entire education to be driven by your need to check boxes. But it's definitely okay to take mom's comfort level as a factor in the decision making process..”


Siblings dynamics are one challenge that large homeschool families face, and there are many more. In fact, today’s guest has a free ebook called “5 Myths that are Killing Your Multi-Age Homeschool.” (glance below for the link)

In this episode, our guest gives homeschool parents insights to live and homeschool outside the box and to do things in ways that make the most sense for their unique families.

“It's completely been learn-as-you-go. So, even if I were to explain to you things that I'm doing now that work, it's not like, ‘Oh yes, I've known this from day one, and I've always had it set up.”

Lynna Sutherland

Lynna Sutherland is a homeschool graduate, former classroom teacher, and now homeschools her eight children, ages teen to toddler. Through her site Homeschooling without Training Wheels, Lynna encourages moms to ditch what slows them down and look to Jesus. She also loves to show moms how the gospel transforms sibling conflict from an obstacle into an opportunity on her podcast Sibling Relationship Lab.

In this podcast episode, Lynna shares insights on creating a thriving homeschool with a large family, but many of her thoughts will bless homeschool families of all sizes

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To get a FREE copy of Lynna’s e-book 5 Myths that are Killing Your Multi-Age Homeschool, click on the link!

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