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Making Life Easier with Mr. D Math

2019-11-20/Jenni & Jody

For so many homeschool families, math is a big stinkin’ thorn in their side. If that’s your story (it’s sure our story), then take a few minutes to eavesdrop on our chat with a dear friend of ours, who also happens to be the founder of a super popular online math program.

“The biggest way that moms can find out how it's going with their young person is really to have what I call that 10-minute conversation. And the 10-minute conversation is a scheduled time every week and sit down and have them teach you.”

Dennis DiNoia

Dennis DiNoia has been immersed in education for more than 30 years. He holds an M.A. in Education from the University of South Florida and has been a Florida State Certified Secondary Mathematics Teacher since 1988. He is affectionately known to all of his students as “Mr. D”.

Students across the country LOVE Mr. D, and we totally get it! He is a blast. He’s upbeat, encouraging, and makes math look easy. His program offers self-paced or live math classes for middle and high schoolers, AND his site also offers some other courses too including American Sign Language and even Flamenco dancing classes (no really!). Not to mention two online classes from two very spunky ladies (wink wink). The Mr.D Math site is home to an Advanced Writing class and a rigorous, college-prep Study Skills class written and taught by yours truly (J & J)!

You can connect with Mr. D in a few ways:

“I think the best way, ever, is to have young people explain what they're doing. Because the more that they talk about it, they talk out loud, they show their stuff, they start making connections that they may not have made when they were just doing the problems the first time.”

Dennis DiNoia

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